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Umbria is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, together with Tuscany. It is also one of the smallest Italian regions, but itís incredibly beautiful and full of things to see and to do.

In the past it housed both the Umbri and the Etruscan tribes and later on the Romans. Umbria it's different from other regions, because of its strong relationship with religion and spirituality. In fact here there are some of the most important and renowned places of worship, such as Assisi and Cascia.

All this together with good food, turns Umbria into a great destination for spending a relaxing vacation in Italy. Because of it there are many different accommodations in Umbria that can meet anyone's needs.

In Umbria you can find small family-run hotels, large and luxury hotels, delightful farmhouses in the countryside, cozy bed and breakfast and guesthouses just to name a few. Each accommodation offers different services and facilities.

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What to see in Umbria


There are lots of things to see in Umbria. One of the most famous cities Perugia, renowned for chocolate production. It housed two important and ancient universities and is visited every year from thousands of students and tourists. There are many sightseeing such as the Fontana Maggiore (Major fountain), important example of Medieval sculpture, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, displaying the Holy Ring relic of the Virgin Mary, and the Palazzo dei Priori (Priors' Palace) great example of Gothic architecture. In addition there are relevant archaeological sites proving the glorious past of the city. For example the Etruscan walls with the Etruscan Arch, Porta Marzia and the Etruscan Well.

Another famous and important destination in Umbria is certainly Assisi, where Saint Francis and Saint Claire were born and lived. Here art and religion merge perfectly in great masterpieces such as the unique Basilica of San Francesco díAssisi. The Basilica is a World Heritage Site, great example of Gothic architecture hosting frescoes by Giotto.

Other important destinations deserving to be visited are Spoleto, famous for the beautiful Romanesque Duomo, Gubbio, one of the oldest and best-preserved cities in Umbria, Orvieto with its magnificent Gothic Cathedral, and Norcia where Saint Benedict was born.

Accommodations in Umbria

Italian Sunset

The cities mentioned above are just some of the beautiful destinations in Umbria. This Italian region is the ideal combination between nature and culture. Most cities are surrounded by stunning landscapes.

It is the ideal destination for holidays in Italy. It offers a vast selection of accommodations across the region. From 4 star hotels to country hotels, from small bed and breakfasts to luxury resorts, accommodation in Umbria can offer the maximum comfort for a relaxing vacation.

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